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Judgement day

Written by Landlord. Posted in LandLords Blog on 07 October 2015. 716 hits.
  A Steep Leaning Curve , After running health clubs, computer repair shops, commercial paralegal firms I wasn’t ready for and had no experience of what was about to take place .  Chatteris small town experience   In 2009 , I dipped my toe in the water of the pub industry with a small pub owned by Punch taverns, 'The Walk the Dog' in Chatteris. Six months' experience resulting in FDC alleging my sons were inviting their friends back to the pub for under-age drinking. No checks and questions were made over the age of my sons' friends but the allegation resulted in a local PCSO speaking to Florence Newell,  who had a quiet word with Kit Owen, who gave a nod and wink to Mr Gipp, who broadcast a statement on Radio Cambridgeshire: “We are aware of underage drinking at 'The Dog' in Chatteris'. However, statements from Chatteris Police were just the opposite. Their statement privately was that they 'have no intelligence to suspect any incidents...

March Summer Festival Open space or closed Shop ?

Written by Landlord. Posted in LandLords Blog on 14 June 2015. 1069 hits.
Party in the Park, what is it? Is it a celebration of the town and all that is good in the town, or is it a private party organised and controlled by a group, a ‘closed shop’? Back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s I recall the March Festival as something the town took part in; residents, business, clubs and charities all celebrated and used the festival as an opportunity to spread their word to the masses . Nowadays unfortunately it is nothing like as inclusive as it once was, although it benefits hugely with grants from the public purse to offer entertainment and enjoyment to the community!! It is well known that Georges want to introduce a beer tent to the festival and we are a bit vocal at times on our request to be taken seriously. However, when given the response ‘access is denied’, as with any community event, we always get on and celebrate with the town. This year we had a bit of fun and cheekily promoted ourselves as the “Unofficial...

Summer festival 2014

Written by Landlord. Posted in LandLords Blog on 30 May 2014. 781 hits.
  Firstly, big congratulations to the March Summer Festival committee for the layout and management of this year's brochure; it looks like it's going to be a great Summer Festival. It's great to see two of Georges' regular, popular bands also playing at the Festival, Wild Honey and the great Soulweaver. After the gig Soulweaver will be visiting Georges for a drink with their fan base, the ever enthusiastic "Weavers"  For the last few months Georges has been campaigning to host a "Real Ale Festival" within the Summer Festival, the aim being to emulate, although be it on a smaller scale, the success of the Peterborough Beer Festival. Live music and real ale are a great combination and create a huge attraction for people miles around. It also helps to promote the hospitality industry, an industry in which the local publican's existence has been in jeopardy. Ofcourse such a beer festival would not stop the enjoument of bringing your own bottled beer/wines and enjoy pictic style...

Ground Hog Day & FDC Officers

Written by Landlord. Posted in LandLords Blog on 29 December 2013. 1824 hits.
  Kit Owen has disregarded hundreds of local residents and their opinion of Georges. What is the role of our elected representatives? Are they not required to open communication with all parties involved and prior to hearings and reviews? Or do they simply process these complaints in an aim to claim on their expense sheets?? I want to see March Councillors talking with its community, not simply take any opportunity to build up their appearances in council hearings as if some sort of peacock display of their past position of authority. For Kit Owen to believe as landlord of Georges that I will allow unlawful decisions and bully tactics to destroy a business that I enjoy, that my customers enjoy and the town benefits from is ridiculous. As a councillor he has displayed a lack of knowledge and understanding of what the community want. It is my view that this is the number one quality that a councillor should possess. I understand that in the past Mr Owen has been a great...

Objections to Georges Plan for expansion

Written by Landlord. Posted in LandLords Blog on 19 September 2013. 3197 hits.
Success story of one of March high street pubs “Georges Bar & Restaurant” is being forced to consider the possibility of having to move its main activities of live entertainment to Huntingdon or hush up its live entertainment !

The Pub with Beer, Outside Beer Garden and 'Light Bites'

Written by Landlord. Posted in LandLords Blog on 17 September 2013. 917 hits.
Well good news seems to come in shed loads now....Since my good friend Nigel re-regained control of 'Georges' and restored order, the Pub has taken on a whole new lease of life, far more the vision we originally had for the establishment, so pleasing.     Customers enjoying a relaxing drink in the new improved Front Beer Garden, all legal and above board (as confirmed by the local Poilce)   Since the Premises License was regained the Ale is again flowing freely. Nice to see some of my old favourites

Georges March, Pub With No Beer

Written by Landlord. Posted in LandLords Blog on 17 September 2013. 880 hits.
Georges March, Pub With No Beer Video on You Tube   {youtube}{/youtube}

Finally, Nigel gets his day in Court

Written by Landlord. Posted in LandLords Blog on 17 September 2013. 1150 hits.
Well, well, my good friend Nigel finally got his day in Court (should have been 2 days, but as it turned out that was far more than was actually needed).....   Nigel's London Barrister Mathew Paul  was there, organised and highly professional, backed up with Nigel's suitcases full of documents.Sadly the Prosecution legal beagle did not appear to be so well prepared; what could have been a key piece of evidence, CCTV footage recording events outside 'Georges' had apparently been mislaid by the local constabulary. This potentially important footage

Mr Gipp tries to skip

Written by Landlord. Posted in LandLords Blog on 17 September 2013. 927 hits.
Mr Gipp tries to skip his Court appearance, but Nigel's army of legal representatives pursue him and insist that he turns up in Court, so that he can be quizzed on the contradictions in his paperwork.   Mr Gipp (employed by Fenland District Council, Licensing Department) insists in his statement that Nigel Marsh did not have authority to be in 'Georges'.   However, Nigel obtains the minutes of Fenland District Council's meetings (through the Freedom of Information Act) which shows that Fenland District Council were informed on 12th March, 7th April, 8th April, 11th April and 13th April that Nigel's Company, Georges (March) Ltd, 'was and is' the Leaseholder

Court Case delayed so that P.C.'s can go on their holidays

Written by Landlord. Posted in LandLords Blog on 17 September 2013. 915 hits.
Ho hum, it seems Nigel is going to have to wait just a little longer for his day in Court, which was originally scheduled for the 1st and 2nd of September. Four more weeks actually.... Apparently some memebers of the local constabulary have booked their holidays; buckets and spades by the seaside come before a good friend, Nigel, being falsely arrested, pepper-sprayed, charged and spending a night in

The Premises License

Written by Landlord. Posted in LandLords Blog on 17 September 2013. 830 hits.
Nigel, Nigel, Nigel you really are too trusting!!! You really must learn not to trust your staff so much until they've proved themselves. It seems the Premises License is in the hands of ex-members of staff, who refuse to release 'Georges' keys. They have apparently barricaded themselves in and refuse to come out... Surely they realise that the Premises License was transferred to them as part of their job, working for me, 'Georges'?

Nigel Marsh spotted with suitcase full of papers

Written by Landlord. Posted in LandLords Blog on 17 September 2013. 813 hits.
It seems my good friend Nigel was spotted with a suitcase full of papers, on the way to London to meet with his barrister again....His companion was seen to be carrying a further two suitcases.

What were you doing on the Royal Wedding Day?

Written by Landlord. Posted in LandLords Blog on 17 September 2013. 820 hits.
Well, well do you remember where you were on the day of the Royal Wedding Day ? My good friend Nigel does, only too well. He went down to Georges to see how things were going, to see what changes had been made in his enforced absence. Imagine his surprise while walking around the pub to be suddenly accused of assualting Mr Smith, then occupying Georges.Then his surprise turns to horror when he realises that Carol, his partner, who had

Theft in Progress

Written by Landlord. Posted in LandLords Blog on 17 September 2013. 868 hits.
Ex-employees Marion and Steve Smith alias Bonnie and Clyde.   Under bail conditions sat at my home and managing my business affairs from a distance, in an attempt to keep within my bail restrictions, I receive a phone call from a concerned passer-by. They informed me that stock and furniture were leaving my commercial premises 'Georges'!   After making a rushed

Is it now a crime to drink Hot Chocolate?

Written by Landlord. Posted in LandLords Blog on 17 September 2013. 934 hits.
Georges and the new layout with the pretty continental style drinking area over looking the main road.   Police insist that as part of the Designated Public Places Order (DPPO) this area cannot be a beer garden and must be a car park and must be adjusted back with immediate effect, with its fence back to the state it was 4 weeks ago. See photos of Georges as it was Friday morning and the George as it was this time last year.   This is in direct contradiction to

Fenland District Council Turn Off CCTV Cameras!

Written by Landlord. Posted in LandLords Blog on 17 September 2013. 881 hits.
Mr Mick Gipp turns off the CCTV cameras at the request of a disgruntled ex-employee just before Mr Marsh is forcefully removed from his Property by 4 Police Officers with use of Pava Spray on the 8th of April 2011. At no point was Mr Marsh threatening or disturbing the peace - he was peacfully sitting down after peacefully entering the building - as the CCTV footage would have shown had it not been disabled.   {youtube}{/youtube}   Mrs Smith in

What No Beer Garden!

Written by Landlord. Posted in LandLords Blog on 17 September 2013. 908 hits.
Over the last 3 weeks we have had disagreement after disagreement with the local police and Fenland District Council. Their view they insist, is that the front of our property must be returned to the state it was 4 weeks earlier to resemble a car park with a fence around the perimeter. My view and the view of Parliament is that consumption of alcohol is not a licensable activity i.e. we do not need to apply for permission or document where our customers consume there alcohol, I believe

Police Complaint

Written by Landlord. Posted in LandLords Blog on 17 September 2013. 1151 hits.
On Friday 8th April 2011, I Mr Nigel Marsh was allegedly subjected to some seriously unlawful behaviour from our local police force in March. Sergeant Martin Monger and 5 of his fellow officers came in to Georges in the town of March while I was peacefully sitting in my property. To my astonishment I was charged with "Disturbance of the Peace" which I find hard to believe as I was sitting with my family and at no risk to any other member of public or the police. Mr Gipp of the Fenland

Complaint against FDC / Licencing Authority

Written by Landlord. Posted in LandLords Blog on 17 September 2013. 876 hits.
On the morning of Friday 8th April 2011, an application was submitted by myself, Nigel Marsh, to have the licence changed from the Wellington Pub Company PLC to Georges (March) Limited as this is the legal way forward. My application was accepted immediately by the Licensing Authority.   Before I left the premises I requested that if there were any queries with regards to the application to give me a call directly on the number that I had supplied. I then went straight to the March Police Station to inform them that the licence had been changed to my company' name as this is a legal code of practice.   At lunchtime


Written by Landlord. Posted in LandLords Blog on 12 September 2013. 996 hits.
The life of a business man can be hard but sometimes life/business can become such an uphill struggle. Council Officers, Police Officers, Premises Licenses, Personal Licenses, Disgruntled Employees, Red Tape.... It would seem that if a small business misses out a full stop, forgets to tick a box or speaks out of turn to the wrong nominated
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